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Wine and Cheese

On Friday nights we like to live it up a bit once the kids have fallen asleep!


Wine and Cheese

Today I went by Hantverkargatan 14 and picked up some meets and cheeses.  Hantverkargatan 14 is a new deli that some friends of mine opened this year.  They have a great selection of finer deli items as well as pre-made foods.  It's located here in Stockholm, in Kungsholmen.



Wallenbergare is classic Swedish dish.  It is always served with mashed potatoes, melted butter, peas and ligonberries.  

For 5-6 people:

500g ground veal
8 dl heavy cream
2 eggs
bread crumbs (finely ground)
salt & pepper
50g butter (for searing)


Start with the ground veal in a bowl, add eggs, slowly stir adding heavy cream while stirring.  Add salt and pepper.  Let rest in fridge approximately 40 minutes.  Wet your hands (which is always good to do when working with ground meats), make patties to the size of you liking.    Turn over patties in bread crumbs then pan sear on low heat in butter until golden brown on each side.  Place patties in oven at 165C' for approximately 10 minutes.  The are best served medium.

Serve with melted butter and mashed potatoes and lingonberries.  I will give instructions for lingonberries here.


Lingonberries are to Swedes is what ketchup is to Americans!  Almost!  Lingonberries are one of the most common condiments in Sweden, used to garnish fish and meat dishes as well as pastries and desserts.

I recommend that you use frozen lingonberries.  It simply doesn't turn out as good with fresh ones, at least not when making preserves.  So, one 400g bag of lingonberries: pour about 1 to 2 dl sugar over the berries.  Leave it at room temperature for about 5 or six hours, stirring every hour or so until the sugar has melted.  Done.  This should keep in your refridgerator for up to 2 months.