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Basic Bread


This is a basic bread.  

50g yeast
5dl room temp water
1dl olive oil
13dl wheat flour
3tsp salt
2 tablespoons bread syrup

seasalt and sunflower seeds to garnish

Blend water with yeast and olive oil.  Add syrup followed by flour and salt.  Mix for about 15 minutes in a food processor.  Let it rise, takes about 20 minutes.  Take it out of bowl and work it by hand with some flour.  Place it in a form, brush it with a bit of water and then sprinkle it with seasalt and sunflower seeds and then let it rise for another 25 minutes.  Bake it ar 175C for 35 minutes.

These are basic instructions, you can add whatever you like into the mix, for example shredded carrotts, walnuts, another flour, honey or whatever you like.

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