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Potato Pancake (Raggmunk)

This is a Swedish classic, and as you might know by now there are three ingredients which keep turning up in any sentence that has the words "Swedish" and "classic", that is potatos, pork (often thick cuts similar to Canadian bacon) and lingonberries.

Raggmunk is one of those classics that modern Swedes don't eat that often anymore but when they see it on a menu... ahhh raggmunk! Trust me I know, we have it on the menu at my work and I make quite a few everyday. It's also very kid friendly as it's almost like eating pancakes for dinner...
my daughter says its her favorite dish.

8-10 potatos
1 yellow onion
4 eggs
5 dl flour
1 liter milk
salt & pepper

Start by doing the pancake batter mix the eggs with 2 dl of the milk then whisk in half of the flour then add the rest of the milk and the flour. Mix it well so you don't have any lumps in it then shredd the potatos and the onion and place that into the batter. Add salt and pepper. Fry it on medium heat in butter and oil until golden brown.  Serve it with canadian bacon or regular bacon and lingonberries (my lingonberry recipe is found HERE)

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