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Lemon baked drumsticks with Tomato Polenta

These drumsticks are fun for the kids to eat because they can eat it and compare it to a lollipop.  Before baking I smother the chicken in herbs and lemon... so they are full of flavor and the polenta is a good substitute for rice, pasta or potatos.  Today I also served it with baby spinach, lemon and parmesean but it could be served with a nice salad or some other green.

What you will need for the CHICKEN is:
8 drumsticks
1 bunch tarragon (dragon, this is Swedish not a special kind of tarragon)
1 bunch sage (salvia)
3 gloves garlic
20 g butter
1 dl olive oil
peel of one lemon
salt & pepper

After peeling a lemon as shown below, dice into small pieces along with the herbs and the garlic.  Put everything in a bowl with the olive oil and salt and pepper. Scrape the skin down on the drumstick as shown.  Dip the drumstick in the herb mix and then place on tin foil which has a click of butter then wrap.  Place in oven for one hour at 175C.

For the POLENTA you will need:
2 dl polenta
1 can crushed tomatos
2 garlic gloves
3 slices of red chili
1/2 yellow onion
2 dl heavy cream
4 dl chicken stock
1/2 dl gradded parmesean

Dice and then fry the garlic onion and chili in some olive oil.  Add the can of crushed tomatos and the chicken stock and the heavy cream.  Let it cook up for 5 minutes.  Blend it till smooth and then add the polenta and cook for 8 more minutes on low heat, stirring frequently.  Add some olive oil and parmesean and salt and pepper toward the finish.  Done.

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