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Pasta Carbonara

Pasta carbonara one of my all time favorite pastas is easy,  fast and very filling.  I know that most Italians say that there should absolutly not be any heavy cream in a real carbonara but I also know that in some regions in Italy they use it and as I'm not Italian I use heavy cream in my carbonara because I thnk it tastes better.

This time I used pancetta which I think has a lot of taste but if you can't get a hold of that you can use regular bacon.  We drank a 2007 Chianti which I felt suited the dish perfectly.

I tend to do pasta dishes when I do not have a lot of time to cook.  Like I've written before, they are fast and tasty as well as kid friendly.  I have been working a lot during the last two weeks and therefore I haven't been blogging so much but I am now back to my regular schedule more or less so I hope to blog a bit more.

250 g pancetta 
1 bunch parsley
1 shallot
2 gloves garlic
pinch of red chili
2 dl white wine
3 dl heavy cream
3 egg yolk
2 dl shredded parmesean
salt & pepper

Dice the the pancetta, the shallot, garlic and chili.  Place these items in a hot pan and let sear for a minute or so.  Pour in white wine.  Let it cook.  In a bowl mix the egg yolks with 1 dl parmesean, 1 dl heavy cream and put aside.  Add the rest of the heavy cream to the pan and let it cook up a bit.  Add the cooked pasta into the sauce pan and then the rest of the parmesean and parsley.  Toss it around and remove it from heat and quickly pour in the egg mixture.  When you pour in the egg mixture give the pasta a quick toss and then serve... if the eggs starts to boil then you will have scrambled eggs (that's good too but not in a carbonara).  Done!  


  1. carbonara e una coca cola (one of my fave tunes and foods in the mid eighties)

  2. mmm looks very good and tempting, I will try those as I am a big fan of carbonaras! As opposed to you, I am not using any parmesan when blending with the sauce, and I am first pouring the cream, mixing it up with the rest and then use 1 or 2 yoke to thicken at will :) Also I am using a bit of muscat nut. Guillaume

  3. Jag har lagat Pasta Carbonara i många år. En riktig favorit! Nu provade jag ditt recept och Waooo! Underbart gott! Slår alla recept hittills. Tack snälla. Kram och hälsa din din familj. Lena B