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Roasted Lamb

roasted lamb with fried sunchokes, pea puree and a dried tomato salad

Today was Valentines Day and so I made one of my wife's favorite dishes... lamb.  This evening I roasted a lamb roast beef and served it with a room temp dried tomato salad, pea puree and fried sunchokes.  The lamb was prepared in a classic way... rosemary and garlic rubbed, it was then left to slow cook for approximately 50 minutes at 125C.  The pea puree was made with peas and yogurt and lemon, a good tip for cooking green veggies is to add baking soda when boiling because it will then keep it's vibrant green color.  For the tomato salad I roasted the tomatos with olive oil, garlic and sage, salt and sugar.  I did the roasting while we slept last night, so they would dried out properly at 90C for about 8 hours.  When they were finished this morning I placed them in a jar with olive oil and a tiny bit of corn oil.  The ones which were not used for this particular dinner will hold for about 1 month in the fridge and the oil is great for cooking... it has lot's of flavor, it can be used for salads or as cooking oil.

The starch today was sunchokes which are currently in season.  For those of you who are not familiar with sunchokes they are a great addition to almost any meal.  They are very rich in flavor.  Think potato mixed with artichoke mixed with pear or something like that.  Today I roasted them but I often puree them.  Once you peel a sunchoke you should put them in water with lemon otherwise they turn black fairly quick.  The lemon water is just so they don't oxidize while you are doing other things, as soon as you can use them... do.

Today I am not giving a step by step recipe, this is a meal which sort of speaks for itself BUT if you want advice or further instructions please let me know and I will happily do what I can.  HAPPY VALENTINES.


  1. Hi Tony! Så mycket kärlek i dina maträtter! jag antar att alla i din familj känner och uppskattar det. Det får förhoppningsvis alla att må så bra. En liten fråga: vad är sunchokes på svenska? Trodde det var svartrötter men det stämmer ju inte med bilden.Är det jordärtskockor?
    Kram Lena B

  2. Wow, everything looks so yummy. What a lovingly prepared meal for a lovely occasion.

  3. Hej Lena,kul att du läser bloggen,jo sunchokes är jordärtskockor och just nu är dom väldigt fina.ha de fint/Tony