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Beef Lindström

Beef Lindström is a classic Swedish dish, that was invented by Henrik Lindström in 1862 at Hotel Witt in Kalmar (my mother worked at that hotel before I was born).  When I worked at a Swedish resturant in New York we made a version of the Lindsröm and placed the beef patty inside and a hamburger bun and served it like you would a burger.  It was VERY popular.  Here in Sweden it normally served with parsley butter (but I made a parsley cream cheese which I I will also give you the reciept for), it is also served with fried potatoes and red wine sauce.

Beef Lindström
4 servings

700g ground beef
1 diced yellow onion
1 tablesppon dijon mustard
1 dl capers
1 dl diced pickled beets
1 egg
salt & pepper

Blend all ingredients together.  Make patties as you would a burger, fry in medium hot pan for 3 to 4 minutes on each side.  Serve with diced, fried potatoes, slightly salted and a dash of pepper and I would recommend a yellow onion finely diced in the potatoes as well and some parley to garnish.  I will give you a receipt for a red wine sauce at a latter date as well as pickled beets.  I have made the reciept for my parsley cream cheese in the following post.


  1. Hey Tony, It's George from GW again. How do you get your patties to stay together. I heard I shouldn't work the meat mix too much but is there a special way that you shape and form the patty. You photos of your patties look so firm. Mine break apart ont he edges when I flip them and I lose a bit...very little but still...looks funny coming out of the pan. Any suggestions?

  2. hey George,its true you shouldnt work the mix too much,i shape my patties with wet hands i think that helps,thanks for reading my blog.