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Jam and Vanilla Sugar

To make you own jam is very easy and it is a great way to cut out uneeded preservatives.  In this reciept I use blackberries but you can do this with whatever berries you prefer and as it is winter now I buy frozen berries.  Locally they just started selling organic berries by the pound which I think is great because you can take as much as you need plus you can mix and match.  You can also freeze your own during the summer when berries are at their lowest prices.

400g blackberries
3 dl sugar
1 dl water
1/4 vanilla bean

Scrape out the vanilla bean as shown below then put everything in a pot.  Boil it at medium heat for 15 minutes.  That's it folks.

To make vanilla sugar place the remaining vanilla peel in a jar with sugar.  The sugar will automatically soak up the aroma and therefore have a slight vanilla flavor (great for coffee or baking or as a dessert topper).

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