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Pasta a la Vongole

It doesn't get much easier or better then this!  This is a great weekend meal... it is festive and great tasting and it is very quick to make which frees up your time for other weekend activities.  If you are eating a spaghetti and meat sauce dinner fair enough but if if you are eating something a little nicer then I think that it is worth the money to get a better pasta.  Most people think pasta is pasta but I disagree.  The taste and the consistency of a good pasta as well the capacity to pick of flavors is not comparable to the average pasta (in my opinion).  

Shellfish is very easy to work with, much easier then many think.  Basically you just rinse and cook, you will know when it is ready because it will open.  Today I used vongole clams which are my favorite shellfish for pasta.  We drank a wine that was perfect for the meal.  A Soave Classico 2007 which was recommended by my co-workers.  The wine was full of flavor and it made the food taste even better which is what a good wine should do.  

1 kilo vongole clams
4 dl white wine
2 gloves garlic
1 diced shallot
1 bunch parsley
3 tblsp butter
dash olive oil
pinch of diced red chili

Rinse the clams, in a bowl with running water for about 5 minutes.  Lift the clams up so all the water and sand falls off.  Put them in a hot pan with olive oil and 1 tablsp butter, the onion chili and garlic.  Let it  simmer two minutes then pour in wine and let cook for three minutes.  Add the rest of the butter and pasta.  Toss with parsley, salt and pepper.  Done.

Obviously, cook the pasta in a side pot during the time you are preparing the clams.  The time it will take to do this depends on the pasta.

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